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Usually, the motivating women primp and decorated is to be said and considered herself beautiful by men so attracted to him. For some women think beauty is the attraction only appealing to every man. So, to pursue the target of this beautiful woman is sometimes willing to sacrifice everything, even up to his reputation as a respectable Muslim woman.

True, with a beautiful appearance and erotic she would be able attract a lot of men. Engrossment but it was not for something sacred. Conversely, to sink into the mud lust and sin. Go to the shop accessories.

Here, many women forget about the true beauty. They are desperate shape and smearing his body with each member of cosmetics ingredients. Did they thus become beautiful? Not always. Everything that crosses the line would be otherwise. Intrinsic beauty is the work of God, who created the Essence of all things carefully and perfectly.

Real beauty is natural beauty. Cheeks flush red women arising from shame, far more beautiful and unmatched by the red color of the best cosmetics. However, human hands will not be able to imitate the beauty created by God.

How many women to primp pollute the beauty extravagance? Yes, how many hundred thousand dollars spent each month for women taking care of her beauty. Whether to buy cosmetic products currently on the market, or go to the salon to make over her face, hair and body. Also, how many hours he spent each day to primp in front of the mirror.

In fact, pretty or not a woman does not affect the righteous deeds. Beautiful women do not indicate whether or not his personality. Allah will not punish a woman simply because of being born with the face of 'ordinary', and will not be a big reward for a supposedly beautiful woman in the world though. Allah reward rewarding views of deeds. Because of the noblest man on his side is the most righteous woman, not the prettiest or the most sexy.

So, you feel yourself not pretty, do not gloomy, especially desperate. That was God Almighty that you have to acknowledge. Because, how many women are endowed with beauty, but use it to violate the rules of God. For beautiful woman is not meant to bring fortune, could be a disaster instead. Yes, a beautiful woman who showed private parts and showing her beauty and elegance is more potential to become a victim of sexual harassment and even rape. Because in doing so, he had been sexually arouse men.

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