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Make yourself known as an expert / expert your field.

I have a article directory name:, then why do I create an article directory? The following are a few reasons:

1. Because I understand overseas there are thousands of article directories. Assuming I am very confident, based in Indonesia also needs to have a lot of article directories.

2. Write and submit articles, is one of the best techniques for your website promotion. If you read the tips or the Secrets of Success from the internet marketer then you will know that almost all of them, one time in their business careers, they wrote many articles and then submit to various article directories available on the internet.
Submit it to an auto approve article directory.

3. Basically, many people can and like to write. Yes what? if not, maybe because you are not accustomed to writing. Writing is easy.

4. Instead of looking for that hard to want to hear your complaints,better to blogging or writing articles. Start from now, it is a very positive activity.

5. Basically, the goal is to find online information. So give what they seek to write what you know to be an article. Surely if you do this continuously you will get what you want. By writing articles you are applying the law of the gold / golden rule.

6. Give what other people want then you will get what you want.

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