Excessive Democracy

The answer to these questions vary according to time period and society. For example, the "people" already realized that they, as owners, both among the educated, ordinary people, adults, men and women. Then the question is which people must be represented, the people have some conception of the complexity of desire that can be issues for later formulated in the form of law by the state. These laws are then used as the basic reason for killing the other ideas are contradictory.

The phenomenon of increasing number of these ideas must be followed up with the ability to analyze the problems that really have a high level of need and the necessary time to assess it quickly.

There are several things that must be observed in political life in Indonesia, namely the combination of democracy and global capitalism that caused the security and freedom is made a party to the political machinery, economic, cultural, and even its war machine.

Distinction from a combination of democracy and global capitalism is very thin only limited by the social values, religion, and culture. Arena democracy is always based on the demands of free ideas, put forward a more seasonal issues, such as the rise in fuel prices (fuel oil), wage labor, and so on. Some seasonal issues that if not a place, the groups who are dissatisfied will act anarkistis and tend to be more damaging.

Democracy excessive

The period of democracy was beginning fade when the values of respect-respect for a person or group decisions in the interests restrict other groups who opposed his ideas with the group, those actions can order free destructive idea.

Democracy and liberalization are closely related, there are several parties who claim that the idea of liberation is a form of liberalization is not responsible for any idea can not be limited by the human mind, but limited the values of legal norms in the human environment. The concept of free market ideas are usually developed countries or countries like the U.S. industry, which is considered to have grown to think rationally balanced. In fact, this superpower has contributed more than 1 billion dollars to establish democracy in the countries of the world.

In ancient Greece, the democratic system with the idea of a market benchmark has been used in contemporary political pundits and the market in this age of democracy is very useful. So at that time, the small towns in the kingdom of ancient Greece can be merged into a single shade, without limiting the space for such cities as used in participatory democracy. They have to know the referendum system (elections) are done simply by involving small groups of several interest groups both at the local level or at the central level so that all people's aspirations can be channeled to the right (Bill Faturohman and Interview Sobari; 2004).

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