Democracy & People's

A few days ago, Chairman of DPRD North Sumatra died, there was a stated cause of death due to heart disease, some are expressed from the beatings. Chairman of Parliament's death is a blow against the pillars of democracy in the midst of improvement condition of this nation.

We feel sympathy for the family of the late, the chairman who is a representative democratic institutions are trying to uphold democratic parliament in the midst of a raging anarkistis mass. So we should know what is democracy, what anarchism is and what is the idea of responsible free.

Democracy & People's

The most important forms of modern state trends today is the modern state association with democracy, then the product of capitalist economy and the market economy. This has caused heated debate among scientists today. Early concepts of democracy comes from the Greek, namely demokratia. Demos means the people and kratos meaning rule. The basic meaning of the word democracy is a political system governed by the people, not the monarchy or aristocracy. It seems simple, but it is not. As noted by David Held, the question could be addressed in each of the following phrase, "commanding, and the government by the people".

We start from the terms of the people. Who is meant by "the people" that? In what form people's participation? What requirements must be met to ensure the participation of the people?

Regarding the phrase "rule", ie, the extent to which the scope of that rule? Is limited to the areas of governance or no industrial democracies? Is rule includes daily decisions that must be taken by the government, or simply refers to the major policy decisions alone?

Regarding the phrase "governed by", namely: whether the "people" must be obeyed? How to measure compliance and defiance? Is there a possibility that some "people" acting outside the law, if they believe that existing laws are not fair? When did the democratic government to use violence against those who considered menetang government policy?

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