Make Your Hair Looks Good!

Make a healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle includes not smoking, diligent exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, also refreshing and relaxing to the mind does not become stressful. For food, you can consume foods that contain vitamins A, C, E, selenium because this substance is very good to keep hair healthy. Use hair accessories like stylish hair clips.

Try to sleep enough and well every day

If your sleep is interrupted, it can cause the blood circulation is not smooth. As a result hair is not getting enough nutrients and lead to dull hair. Therefore, do not bebani your mind with things that can disturb your sleep.

Use hair care products suitable

When using hair care products, note the composition of the product. Avoid products made from alcohol in high concentrations because the compound can damage the hair. When using these products, do not directly apply in the scalp because it causes the pores of the closed head and can damage the scalp which in turn damage the hair.

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