Experience Radiology Technician

Radiologist technicians or radiographers, doctors help in performing x-rays, mammograms and CT scans. Available positions in hospitals and private doctors offices. There are many types of programs available for those who want a certified Radiology technician, including peer, certificates, bachelor and master programs.

Depending on which program you decide to continue, you can expect in the school one to four years. If you have no previous experience in medical or health care, two years associates program will provide the minimum training required to launch an entry-level jobs radiology technician. A bachelor's or higher degree prepares you for a more lucrative career in the field, so you finally apply for management positions or teaching positions.

Those who already have experience in radiology or medicine, as nurses, and who wants to be a certified radiology technician should be eligible for a shorter certificate program that trains them to use appropriate technology without the need for them to basic medical practice and terminology.

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