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Convenience like living in a five star hotel into a buyer's dream apartment. For it is not easy to get an apartment with this facility

Not easy to find an apartment, which has a design and a suitable environment with lifestyle and status of prospective tenants. An interesting thing is the concept of apartments offered by the developer Apartment Albert. Apartments are located in Jalan Letjen Supeno No. 34 South Jakarta offers 5 star facilities in a building (5 in 1).

This apartment location is strategic, because it close to business centers, elite areas, water catchment areas and pollution-free area. Also close to the ring road access to the arteries, international schools, hospitals, SCBD and airports.
The interesting thing about this is the Albert Apartments architectural design and novel style environment is also supported facilities. There are shopping centers, offices, services for residents of the apartment, Victorian-style restaurant, food outlets, sauna & spa, swimming pool, tennis court, parking, helipad, an athletic club. According to Gunadi Hartan, Director of Marketing Gate Prima Group which handles the marketing Apartment Albert. "Strategies providing integrated facilities, competitive prices and the selection of a strategic location, is intended to provide residents satisfaction and loyalty."
Each type of unit has an integrated facility equipped by Hotel Bedding sets, cable TV, air conditioning, water heater, telephone, a set of kitchen equipment, furniture and internet networks. "Each unit in the apartment is designed to represent the lifestyle, community status of the exclusive circle that pelayananpun must satisfy residents," said Gunadi.

Apartment Albergo classical style designed by the Renaissance style. This is reflected by the spatial arrangement of each unit nicely. Starting from the living room, bedroom, living room, kitchen and even bathrooms. The whole room was designed with the dominance of beige and light brown, dark brown and white displays the classic sense, so it is with minimalist-style furniture mix that gives comfort to the residents exclusively.

Just look at the interior design show this apartment units. Maxima type unit with an area only 145, 5 m 2 can be made attractive without losing its function. This unit consists of two bedrooms, one of which is the main bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen room and living room.

With a maximum area, forms the space was designed by the architect deliberately open. Like the family room, dining room and kitchen that appear together, without septum. Homey impression is often felt in this room. This pattern in addition to forming larger room, also capable of creating a family atmosphere.

Similarly, the presence of classical-style furniture, in addition to beautify the room also refers to the functional aspect. Especially for the anticipated activities of everyday residents.

Architect who designed the Maxima unit is selected classic modern design concept of light. This election ease of maintenance associated with operating as service apartments. Impression of vast, open, seen from the architect's ability to make lighting the lamp, and window openings. When the night, the atmosphere built in the design theme, while in the daytime entry of sunlight and air circulation to make the room feel fresh. This can be seen in pentaan bedrooms, living room and bathroom.
This design choice according Aryanto Arief, Director of Operations of PT. Prime Gapura Tbk, to cope with the limited land. This condition requires occupants to be efficient. With an open space without partition. Space so as not wasted. Apart from air circulation are met, the architect remains the aspect of beauty and luxury.
As a service-class apartment. According to Arif, the design was arranged elegantly written. Moreover the interior rooms are equipped with bath tub, washtafel, Down Comforter Sets, and toilets. Appear simple, but clean and neat. Touch of maximum design, functional and still elegant, are in the kitchen. In addition to open, this space is also equipped with a display kitchen equipment clean impression, so that activities become more comfortable cooking.
Renaissance architecture design applied offers a homey atmosphere. With so residents can feel satisfied and comfortable. For every unit in the Apartment Albergo designed to represent the lifestyle of the exclusive circles.

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